At Battery Hill Dental, comfort and safety are among the top considerations of your Caloundra dentists when it comes to dental sedation. Our dentists may recommend different kinds of sedation depending on the kind of treatment you will undergo, as well as your medical history. Dental sedation is generally safe, and it can significantly help reduce anxiety in both adults and children.

Here are 5 things you should know about dental sedation:

  1. Dental sedation is used to relax you as well as to manage pain. There are different kinds of dental sedatives and they carry different side effects.
  2. Make sure your dentist knows your complete medical history as well as any existing conditions you may have. This helps ensure that the sedative will not interfere or have adverse effects to the medication you’re already taking.
  3. Sedatives can be taken orally as a pill, inhaled through the nose as a gas, or intravenously. The effects of the sedatives vary, from mild relaxation and calm to unconsciousness. Still, most dental procedures require mild to moderate sedation, wherein patients are still responsive. At this stage, we’re choosing the orally taken pill as the mode of sedation.
  4. No sedative is without risk, that’s why it’s important that extensively trained dentists or anaesthesiologists administer them. In more invasive sedation, you are also continuously monitored throughout the procedure.
  5. You may feel very relaxed and calm upon taking a sedative. You may also lose memory of the procedure or your whole time in the dental office. Some disorientation may occur even after the procedure, so it is required that you have someone to accompany or escort you home when you leave the office.

Dental sedatives have been around for decades, and the ones in use today are safer than ever. Your local Sunshine Coast dentist can walk you through the whole process, so you can call us to schedule your visit.