Don’t Let Crooked Teeth Steal Your Smile

Crooked teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. They can also cause health problems in the long run. So make the best investment on yourself by getting those pearly whites straightened out at Battery Hill Dental, your local Currimundi dentist.


What causes crooked teeth?

Every set of teeth is different, and there are many factors that cause crooked teeth. Genetics can play an important role, as you can be born with a small jaw and big teeth. Thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and incorrect timing in the loss of baby teeth also affect how your adult teeth grow. From small misalignments to major underbites and overbites, one thing is for sure—not only do they look unattractive, they can cause discomfort as well as serious dental and health problems if left untreated. 


Overbite and underbite

An overbite is when your upper jaw protrudes from your mouth, while an underbite is when your lower jaw extends out. Both can cause your upper or lower teeth to overlap each other, as it affects not just your biting and chewing as well as the look of your smile

A crossbite is characterized by your upper teeth falling on the inside of your lower teeth on one or both sides when you bite down.

An overjet happens when the upper front teeth stick out from your lower teeth when you bite down. It can also happen when your lower incisors are set back so that your upper front teeth are protruding. 

This happens when you have a small jaw for your teeth. As your adult teeth erupt, it won’t have enough room to grow in properly, resulting in crooked teeth. Untreated, the nooks and crannies can accumulate plaque, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Spacing problems can be caused by a tongue thrusting habit, missing teeth, or periodontal disease. Teeth will appear to have gaps or may become loose and painful if left untreated.

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Get straight teeth for life

Crooked teeth not only mar your smile, they can also cause health problems in the long run. So, investing in getting straight and healthy pearly whites is your best bet. At Battery Hill Dental, our dentists will refer you to our orthodontists, who can perform a variety of treatments so you get straight, healthy, white teeth—for life.

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  • Extraction
    Tooth removal may be necessary if you have overcrowding teeth. This is usually done before any additional treatment is done.
  • Braces
    Braces, or orthodontics, come in different components and materials. All are aimed at moving teeth into their correct position and direction over time. There are metal, clear, and ceramic braces to suit your preferences.
  • Retainers
    Retainers can be used for minor misalignments, although they are typically used after using braces so your teeth stay in place and don’t go back to their original positions.
  • Surgery
    For severely misaligned jaws, such as overbites and underbites, surgery may be necessary to reconstruct the jaw structure and create an even bite.

Straight teeth goes a long way

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