Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Don’t let your fear of pain or the dentist stop you from getting the dental care and treatment that you need. Battery Hill Dental offers a cosy, comfortable and friendly atmosphere with expert dentists and a wide range of options to help you deal with your dental anxiety. Visit Battery Hill Dental, your local Currimundi dentist, for help.


What is Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety is more common than you think. For children and adults who suffer from dental anxiety, a routine trip to the dentist can be an overwhelmingly frightening experience. For some, even the idea of being on a dental chair or even just the sight of anything related to dentistry can bring them anxiety.

At Battery Hill Dental, we deal with children and adult patients who have dental anxiety and fear. With our expertise in managing and treating dental anxiety, we were able to successfully treat their dental problems safely and painlessly.


How is Dental Anxiety Treated?

Dental anxiety can be managed or treated utilising multiple methods. Sedation dentistry uses sedative medication to alleviate anxiety and calm your nerves as you go about any dental procedure.

At Battery Hill Dental, we prefer to use a combination of relaxation techniques and medication. Primarily, this involves benzodiazepine drugs that have a sedative effect. This is in tablet or pill form and is taken a few hours prior to treatment. You will need someone to drive you to the practice, and take you home. 

For the majority of anxiety sufferers, this is sufficient. However, in rare and significant cases, we will organise a referral to specialists that utilise general anaesthesia with the appropriate medical facilities. 

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At Battery Hill Dental, our wide array of techniques and medication can help you feel confident and safe about your trip to the dentist. Combine these with the expertise of our friendly dentists and staff, and you have the makings of a warm, worry-free, and secure experience—and maybe even look forward to your next dental visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if I Have Dental Anxiety?

You may have dental anxiety when you can relate to the following:
•Severe discomfort in any dental-related situation
•Feeling helpless about dental problems such as toothaches
•You had a painful and negative experience in the past when you visited your dentist
•You’ve heard scary anecdotes from other people that made you feel scared
•You have a sense of embarrassment about your dental condition
•You fear a sense of depersonalization that scares you, especially when you see a dentist in a mask
•You’ve been deeply disturbed by the portrayals of dentists in the media, which you find scary
•You’re simply afraid that something bad will happen
•You have a general fear of getting hurt

Can dental anxiety be overcome for good?

Some can, but some can only be managed. These strategies can help you allay your fears and anxiety:
•Talk to your dentist about your fears
•When you’re on the chair and can’t talk, express yourself with your hands
•Distract yourself with sights and sounds, or even music
•Take a break if necessary
•Develop relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga

What can I expect after taking sedatives?

Taking dental sedation can have effects that will last for a few hours. This will make you so relaxed you won't be in your right mind, and you won't be able to drive or operate machinery for the day. 

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Don’t let your fear stop you from getting the dental care you deserve. Our friendly and competent dentists at Battery Hill Dental will make sure your visit with us will be a positive and painless one—you may even be excited for your next visit.

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