Is Your Sensitive Tooth Stopping You?

Tooth sensitivity isn’t just painful—it stops you from making the most out of your life. You can’t enjoy your coffee or ice cream, and anything that’s too hot or cold can make you gasp in pain. Guess what—that’s about to end with Battery Hill Dental. Visit Battery Hill Dental, your local Currimundi dentist, for help.


What causes tooth sensitivity?

Sensitive tooth can be a huge discomfort. Enjoying ice cream, sipping on tea, snacking on sweets or just drinking cold water can be torture. Even brushing or flossing your teeth can give you that jagged, wincing pain. This is because your tooth’s enamel may have worn away, leaving your sensitive dentin and nerves exposed. This could be due to any of the following:

Tooth decay

When you have plaque on your tooth, this causes bacteria and acids to form, which can soften and dissolve your tooth’s protective enamel and the dentin underneath.

Teeth clenching

Habitual teeth clenching or grinding can weaken the enamel or even damaging it so that you experience sensitivity.

Teeth whitening products

People who undergo teeth whitening procedures may feel temporary teeth sensitivity, especially when bleaching ingredients are used.

Dental treatments

Your teeth may also feel sensitive after dental treatments such as routine cleanings. If the pain and sensitivity don’t pass, however, you may have some underlying dental problems and need to pay your dentist another visit.

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Find relief from sensitive teeth at Battery Hill Dental

At Battery Hill Dental, we have several solutions to treat sensitive teeth so you can go back to doing the things you like.

  • Desensitising procedure
    Let us take care of your sensitive tooth by applying desensitising medication such as fluoride and bonding agents. These strengthen the enamel and seal your tooth’s exposed dentin and root.
  • Filling
    Dental fillings can also help get rid of caries or tooth decay that cause sensitivity, sealing damaged surfaces on your tooth so it will be good as new.
  • Crown
    Dental crowns may also be necessary to cover healthy tooth and preserve it without compromising your comfort and health.
    • Protective restoration
      After a root canal treatment that can effectively remove damaged tooth, pulp and root, protective restoration procedures such as implants can be used to bring back your tooth’s strength and function.

Say Goodbye to Tooth Sensitivity for Good

Don’t let sensitive tooth undermine your quality of life. With the help of Battery Hill Dental’s range of dental services, we can tailor a treatment plan to best help you get rid of tooth sensitivity for good.

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