Daily Grind Ruining Your Teeth?

Your daily teeth grinding habit can have serious repercussions to your oral health. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. At Battery Hill Dental, we’ll take care of your teeth and even help get rid of your teeth grinding habit for good. Visit Battery Hill Dental, your local Currimundi dentist, for help.



Why are you grinding your teeth?

Actually, teeth grinding may just be a symptom of other conditions, such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, medication, or lifestyle. Conditions such as bruxism may cause teeth grinding when sleeping, making you wake up with a headache and aching jaws. Meanwhile, drinking alcohol, smoking, and abusing stimulants, can also make you grind your teeth.

Loss of sleep

Teeth grinding, especially when you have a sleeping disorder called bruxism, can cause you to have poor sleep. That alone can lead to all sorts of difficulties and discomfort.

Worn out teeth

Years of teeth grinding can cause most, if not all, of your teeth to be worn down. You also run the risk of cracking, chipping, or breaking your teeth.

Damaged jaw joints

Clenching your jaws as you grind can also put frequent pressure on your jaws, making it hurt when you wake up in the morning. In the long run, this can damage your jaw joints, causing permanent pain that may require more serious surgery.

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Restore your teeth from grinding damage

When you’re grinding your teeth, you’re causing friction that damages not only your teeth but also your jaws. It can cause a range of dental problems, including cracked and loose teeth, misaligned bite, and teeth sensitivity.

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Dental splint

While dental splints look like mouthguards, splints are actually designed to help treat teeth grinding and stop your teeth from getting damaged. We can create custom splints that fit your upper and lower teeth exactly as you wear it at night to cushion from teeth grinding.

Referral to sleep specialist

After conducting a routine dental exam, we will look for wear caused by teeth-grinding. We may also refer you to a sleep disorder specialist to diagnose sleep breathing problems that cause teeth grinding.

Stop the grind and keep your teeth

At Battery Hill Dental, we help patients with teeth grinding damage so that they can restore their smiles and stop the problem from getting worse.

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