Is Your Child Lip or Tongue-Tied?

Is your child or infant diagnosed with having a lip or tongue tie? Battery Hill Dental can help. We can offer you many painless options to treat and correct this condition for your child’s comfort and development — and your peace of mind.


What is a Lip Tie or Tongue Tie?

A lip-tie (upper labial tie) is when there’s a thin band of tissue running from the upper lip to the gum, which restricts lip movement, leaving a strong gap between the two front teeth. Meanwhile, a tongue-tie (ankykloglossia) occurs when there’s a tissue connecting the bottom tip of the tongue behind the back of the lower teeth. These conditions can negatively impact you and your child, as well as affect how your child develops speech in the long run.

Nursing trouble

For infants, tongue or lip-ties can give them trouble breastfeeding or nursing from a bottle. This then opens a can of worms, as inadequate feeding makes them unable to gain their optimal weight. This can also cause them to inhale more air during feedings, resulting to colic and reflux.

Post-partum depression

For mothers of tongue or lip-tied babies, the feeding difficulties can give you painfully engorged breasts resulting to mastitis. The whole experience may also make you feel stressed, fatigued, and even suffer from post-partum depression.

Developmental problems

Untreated, this can cause your child to have speech problems that they can carry even later on in life. Their jaw may also not fully or properly develop, leading to migraines, jaw pain and sleep apnea.

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We help children break free from lip and tongue-ties

Many lip and tongue ties can remain undiagnosed and therefore untreated until later on in life.

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  • Diagnosis
    A visit to your paediatric dentist can give us a proper diagnosis whether your child has a lip-tie or tongue-tie that needs to be treated.
  • Revision procedure
    This is a simple and quick procedure that generally has no complications to your child. This can be done even as soon as your child is born. After numbing the area, we use a laser to painlessly remove the tissue. This causes no bleeding, requires no stitching, and the area normally heals within 24 to 48 hours.

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