Why Choose Dental Inlays

An inlay is best utilised when a dental filling is not sufficient for a broken or decayed tooth. Restore your teeth’s look and function without compromise using inlays.


What are Dental Inlays?

Dental inlays can be made of numerous materials. They provide a sturdy and durable alternative to fillings by replacing the damaged or decayed part of a tooth. Inlays are stronger than fillings and are specially used to restore the chewing surfaces of molars as well as the front teeth.

Inlays are used in between the cusps of a tooth, as opposed to onlays, which sit on the tooth and build up the tooth’s shape.


How do I Get Dental Inlays?

Dental inlays are prepared the same way as a dental filling. After numbing the area, your damaged tooth will first be cleaned. Old fillings may be removed, as well as weak and decayed areas of your tooth. The tooth will also be shaped to accommodate the inlay.

Your dentist will then get an impression of your tooth. This impression will be given to a dental technician, who will create a customized inlay based on your tooth shape. Meanwhile, a temporary filling will be put on your tooth. Once our bespoke inlay is ready, your temporary filling will be removed and the inlay bonded in place. Your dentist will then make necessary adjustments to ensure that it is snugly in place and you have the correct comfortable bite.

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Tooth Repair that is Virtually Undetectable

There’s no need for a costlier and more complex dental crown restoration if your damaged tooth can be restored with dental inlays.

Holes caused by decay on teeth can soon turn into a bigger problem when left untreated. Restore them now with dental inlays so you can bring back your healthy, flawless smile.

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Restore damaged teeth

Restore decayed or damaged teeth, keep your tooth's function, and preserve as much of your healthy tooth as possible

Strong and stable

Dental inlays can fully restore your natural chewing power without the worry of the tooth breaking or being out of place


Inlays will last longer then conventional fillings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between inlays and fillings?

A filling is the most basic dental restoration for minor tooth decay, wherein restoration material such as silver amalgam, porcelain, or composite resin are fitted on prepared tooth to cover the damaged tooth and stop further breakdown and tooth loss. A dental inlay, meanwhile, is for slightly larger cavities. An inlay is prefabricated as a single, solid piece to fit the shape and size of the cavity. To secure it, dental bond is used.

What is the difference between inlays and onlays?

An inlay is used to fill a cavity inside the crevices between tooth cusps. Meanwhile, an onlay is a restoration that fills at least a tooth cusp to restore the chewing or biting surface’s look and function.

Should I get a crown instead of an inlay?

The goal of dental restoration is to preserve as much of your healthy tooth as possible. However, if a large part of your tooth is seriously decayed, inlays or onlays may not be enough. Dental crowns are used for these cases when decay is more serious and a larger part of your tooth needs to be removed due to damage.

What material is best for inlays?

Porcelain inlays are the most commonly utilised. They have the least chance of easily discolouring and it has the most similar look and strength to real teeth. 

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