Do You Need Dentures?

Replace your missing teeth and achieve a more youthful look instantly with dentures. You can also go back to speaking and enjoying food comfortably like you still have your natural teeth.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial, removable teeth that you wear to replace missing teeth. Battery Hill dentists will thoroughly customize your dentures to make them fit into your natural teeth.

Available as full or partial dentures, they can be taken out and cleaned and then put back into the mouth easily and comfortably. If there are complex anatomy considerations, or we feel like we can't achieve the best result for you, we will ensure referral to a denture specialist for the best result. 


Partial or Full Dentures — What’s the Difference?

A partial denture is meant to replace one or more teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. These false teeth attach to your remaining teeth with metal clasps or precision appliances.

Meanwhile, full or complete dentures are meant for replacing the whole set of teeth from the upper or lower jaw, or both. This requires you to remove any remaining teeth before the dentures are positioned in the mouth.

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Look and feel your best

Missing teeth can change your appearance, making your facial muscles sag and therefore making you look older. Whether you lost your natural teeth due to decay, injury or aging, dentures can help provide facial support to shed years off your face and add more life into your smile.

Check out our prices for dentures at Battery Hill Dental, your local Sunshine Coast dentist.

A natural appearance

Dentures give a natural appearance to the face, look great, and make you feel more confident

Speak more clearly

Dentures allow you to speak better and move your mouth comfortably

Restore chewing power

Dentures can restore or even improve chewing power

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need full or partial dentures?

You may need full dentures if you are missing most, if not all, your teeth. If you have significant tooth lost but still have few healthy natural teeth remaining, you can opt for partial dentures.

How long should I wear dentures?

After getting your dentures for the first time, your dentist may ask you to wear your dentures even when you’re sleeping. This is to ensure your dentures fit well in your mouth and if not, which part needs adjustment. Afterwards, you can wear your dentures all day and just remove them before going to bed.

How long do dentures last?

With proper care, dentures can last for many years before you need to replace them. We've seen some in place for 40+ years! However, every case is different and your mouth and gums may also change shape, requiring you to realign your dentures for better fit.

Are dentures only for older people?

Contrary to popular belief, dentures can be fitted to anyone regardless of any age as long as they have significant tooth loss that requires dental treatment.

How should I care for my dentures?

Proper care for dentures is important to keep your mouth healthy. It’s important that you clean your dentures in the morning and at night. You can do this by removing them and brushing them as you would brush your real teeth. You may also rinse them after meals. We will instruct you on the appropriate brushes and solutions to use. 

Regain comfort and confidence

You don’t have to endure the discomfort, difficulty, and insecurity that having missing teeth brings. At Battery Hill Dental, we can provide you with high-quality dentures that fit you perfectly so you can smile again.

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