While baby teeth won’t be around for very long, they are still very much functional. Your kids’ little chompers are necessary for them to properly chew nutritious food as well as save space for when their adult teeth are ready to come in.

So when decay starts to set in and a simple filling just won’t cut it, a stainless steel dental crown is necessary.

Instead of extracting the tooth, restoring it with a stainless steel dental crown provides adequate treatment. It also ensures the tooth stays in plays so that adult tooth can later grow into it. By opting for dental crowns, you save the teeth and save money in the long run because you avoid the risk of more complex orthodontic treatment.

Your child’s paediatric dentist will first remove the decay and fit and cement a custom-made crown over the tooth. This not only protects the teeth from further retreatment later on, but also allows natural biting and chewing feel and power.

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Aside from being highly durable, it is also inexpensive. Children will also feel comfortable and can continue eating their favourite foods because crowns offer little to no sensitivity.

So at the end of the day, stainless steel dental crowns offer a range of benefits that are ultimately good for your child’s teeth, health, and the growing permanent teeth underneath.

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