Do you need emergency dental services?

When that unexpected time comes that you need urgent dental care due to an accident, infection, or unbearable pain, Battery Hill Dental is here to help.


What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be anything from terrible tooth aches to mouth injuries that results in lost, fractured or knocked out teeth. You may also need urgent dental care if you suddenly lost your crown or fillings. Tooth and gum abscess and infections, as well as dental surgery complications, significant post-procedure inflammation or bleeding, and any other unusual dental conditions that need to be looked at soon by a dentist may also fall under this category.

At Battery Hill Dental, we specialize in treating dental emergencies and managing pain and dental anxiety so you can get the urgent dental treatment that you need.


Get Immediate Relief and Peace of Mind

Sometimes, the biggest emergencies happen right after your local dental clinic closes for the day. Or perhaps, you get into an accident and injured your teeth just when it’s a holiday. In cases like these, you need to be in touch with the nearest dental clinic that offers emergency dental care services.

For infections, abscess, mouth injuries, knocked out teeth, and other conditions needing urgent attention, we have the best emergency dental clinic at the ready for you.

Our services include diagnosis, x-rays, emergency procedures, and the necessary referral to the appropriate specialty or dentist for continuing care. All these are offered in order to provide you quick and much-needed relief as well as peace of mind knowing that your local Caloundra dentist is on top of your dental emergency.

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Our Dental Experts—at the Ready

Our emergency dental services are designed to continue to provide superb care for you just when you quickly need it.

Check out our prices for dental emergencies at Battery Hill Dental, your local Sunshine Coast dentist. Our price is fixed, for your peace of mind.

  • Relief from broken, cracked, chipped or lost tooth

    Simply ring us on 5358 0413 to make a booking

  • Emergency spots available every day

    Quick care for mouth injuries due to accidents

Get treated for toothache, infection, abscess and mouth pain

Our specialists can deal with a range of issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an emergency dentist near me?

If you live in Caloundra and are in need of urgent dental care, our dentists at Battery Hill Dental are here for you. Our local dentist is only a call away, and we have spots reserved for emergencies in the afternoon and on Saturdays.

Is there an emergency dentist appointment?

You can contact our dentists in Caloundra to set an urgent appointment for dental emergencies. We set aside times every day for emergency spots.

Should I call a dentist for mouth injuries?

When your mouth injury is caused by a sports, physical activity, a fall or a car accident, and your teeth are involved, our dentists are well-trained to handle the situation and help you get the treatment and relief you urgently need.

When should I get a walk-in dentist instead of making an appointment?

If you have a pressing dental problem, such as a terrible toothache that makes you unable to eat and function, waiting for many days or weeks for a dental appointment is impractical and your condition may even get worse. In cases like this, a walk-in dentist can treat your dental condition immediately.

Dental emergencies don’t have to wait

With our local dentists at Battery Hill Dental in Caloundra, you can find emergency dental care fast—just how you need it. We’re always at the ready to help make you feel better and put your teeth in tip-top shape once more.

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