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We want to make dental care more accessible for everyone, so we publish our prices. To make sure your diagnosis is correct, book in for an examination so we can ensure you know exactly what is going on with your teeth.

New Patient Checkup & Clean

Our checkup and clean includes x-rays, photos and a teeth clean. If you don't have private health insurance, this service is $145. If you do, depending on your level of cover, it may cost you nothing out-of-pocket. Additionally, if you have a child eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, their dental care is free. Make sure you check out our new patient offer (currently $145)


If you're in a health fund, this is gap-free. Our checkup and clean includes x-rays, photos and a teeth clean

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Regular Preventative Checkup and Clean

This is the most important visit you'll need. Teeth, like cars, need regular servicing for prevention of significant problems that can accumulate in time. After your initial examination and clean, we recommend a six-monthly clean to ward off gum disease and ensure your teeth are in good shape.


Per checkup and clean visit, for an existing patient. This does not include x-rays, which are normally taken every 2 years unless needed earlier.

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Deep Clean

If you have gum disease that is gnawing away at your bone, our deep clean helps treat your gums and protect them. This is usually done over two to four visits depending on severity.


Prices are no more than $250 per visit

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Simple Tooth Extraction

If you have a bad tooth infection, sometimes we can only remove it; that's what a tooth extraction is. Price includes a consultation and x-ray.


Per tooth, with $280/tooth including x-rays and consultation. Cost is less if already had x-ray or consultation.

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Complex Tooth Extraction

Depending on the position and complexity of your tooth, a more extensive surgical procedure may be needed to remove your tooth. 


Per tooth, including x-rays and consultation

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Tooth Fillings

If you need a small (one-surface) filling, it's only $195 per filling. For large fillings (two or three-surface), our price is $200, so you can have confidence in what you're paying for.


$195 for small fillings (one-surface), and $200 for large fillings (two or three-surfaces). 

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Root Canals

Our affordable root canals will save your tooth and get you out of pain. Avoid more extensive surgery and opt for the ideal solution to save your infected tooth, and save money in the process.


An anterior root canal costs $800 (front teeth), and a posterior root canal costs $1100 (big back teeth) per tooth

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Porcelain Dental Veneers

Restore your teeth with porcelain veneers. Small changes can go a long way to give you a whole new look and more confidence


This is the price for porcelain veneers. There is another kind, direct veneers, feel free to call in regard to these.

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Dental Bridges

To replace your teeth, one of the options is a dental bridge. Different types of dental bridges are available, at different price points. Ring us on 5358 0413 to make sure you're know all your options.


Price based on most common bridge type, but treatment may vary due to type of bridge. Some bridge types are significantly cheaper, but aren't always suitable.

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Crowns & Protective Restorations

The type of protective restoration needed depends on the extent of tooth damage. Teeth with limited damage can be protected through inlays and onlays, while more extensive tooth damage will require a full-coverage crown to protect loss of tooth.


Inlays and onlays can start from $850, and full-coverage crowns are $1340.

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To replace your teeth, we offer removable dentures as a cost-effective dental solution. Depending on the complexity, we may refer you to a denture specialist for the best result possible for you. Prices do vary for this, so ring us on 5358 0413 to make sure you're getting the treatment you need.


Prices range depending on the plate type, size and other factors.

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Teeth Bleaching

Our teeth bleaching kit whitens and brightens your teeth. We offer a free consultation and can bleach your teeth in the chair, or you can take home the tray, with custom molds for your teeth. Either way, within a few sessions you can see whiter, brighter teeth. Easy.


$270 for one home bleaching kit, including all supplies, and $380 for an in-chair kit

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Sports Mouthguards

Protect your teeth in active sports, with a custom-made mouth guard.


Per custom-made mouth guard

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Dental Splints

If you grind your teeth, dental splints can help. Also known as night guards, dental splints can protect against further wear of your teeth, headaches, and grinding itself. These are a great resource to reduce the damage that grinding can cause to your teeth.


Custom-made dental splints

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We accept all major health funds and DVA members, and have multiple payment options, including HICAPS and EFTPOS. We are also preferred providers for HCF, an Australian not-for-profit health fund.


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