Why Choose a Root Canal?

Chronic toothache and swellings can be awfully unbearable. In fact, it can distract you from your daily activities like sleep and really sour your mood. If this is the case, then a root canal might be the answer.


What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a specialized dental treatment also known as endodontic treatment. A root canal procedure is performed when nerve inside your tooth becomes infected or inflamed, often causing an abscess to form. These symptoms may be caused by untreated dental decay, cracked teeth, or a broken tooth.


Why Should I Get a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment allows you to remove the painful, damaged, inflamed and infected nerves in a tooth, while still saving your natural tooth so you can eat, drink, and smile normally.

The 'nerve' is the sensitive tissue inside the tooth. It is made up of blood vessels and nerves that provide nutrients and feeling to your tooth. If the nerve gets damaged or infected for so long without treatment, this can lead to more than just severe pain. Complications from neglecting treatment can lead to the spread of infection, as well as blood poisoning, fever, and swelling of the cheek and neck. In extreme cases, spreading infections have resulted in death. 

Book in to remove that painful tooth

Bid that toothache goodbye

You don’t have to suffer terrible toothaches that stop you from functioning well or eating your favorite food.

With Battery Hill’s dental root canal therapy, you can sit back, relax, and let our trusted dentists take care of you.

Check out our prices for root canals at Battery Hill Dental, your local Sunshine Coast dentist.

No extraction needed

Root canal treatment saves your natural tooth so it doesn’t have to be extracted

Restore power and force

Get efficient and full chewing power, so you can bite food with your normal force


Natural tooth equals natural smile

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a root canal dentist to perform the treatment on me?

While endodontics is a specialty area in dentistry, all dentists at Battery Hill Dental are trained and certified to perform root canal procedures. In complex cases, we will refer you to the endodontist for treatment.

What Happens in a Root Canal procedure?

This involves multiple visits to the dentist to complete the treatment. Here’s how it happens:
(1) Your dentist will make an opening from the top of your tooth to the nerve chamber to get to the diseased pulp. All while the tooth is numb so there is no pain.
(2) The diseased nerve, as well as any other damaged tissue, is then taken out
(3) The root canals is irrigated and medicated
(4) A temporary filling is placed on the opening of the tooth to protect it until the next procedure
(5) After a couple of weeks, the temporary filling is removed and the root canal is once again cleaned and filled with a 'root filling' that seals it all up. 
(6) Afterward, it is normally recommended to place a permanent crown on your tooth

Is root canal treatment painful?

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, root canal therapy is as simple as having a routine filling. You can expect the experience to be comfortable. It just take a little longer then a normal filling appointment. 

What are the risks involved in having a root canal procedure?

A root canal, like any medical or dental procedure, can still have some risks such as infection. There may also be rare complications wherein your tooth may need additional treatment or referral to a specialist. We will always discuss risks before you decide if you want to undertake a root canal.

Save your teeth. Get a root canal.

Get this quick, safe, and comfortable procedure to get rid of that awful toothache for good—and save your natural tooth.

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