Why Choose Tooth Coloured Fillings

Cavities are never attractive, and, they hurt. Save your tooth with tooth-coloured fillings. Bring back the feel and strength of your natural teeth—making them look brand new. Fillings are the most common treatment procedure.Visit Battery Hill Dental, your local Currimundi dentist, for help.


What are Tooth Coloured Fillings?

Tooth coloured fillings use a strong composite resin that contains glass particles and a special type of plastic. The result is a compound that is at first soft and malleable, but can be hard as teeth itself when cured with a special light.

Tooth coloured fillings are used to fix chipped teeth and fill cavities without being visible. The result is a durable, long-lasting, seamless and cost-effective solution for cavities and misshapen teeth. It matches the colour of your teeth so perfectly that no one will know you have a filling.

Tooth Coloured vs Silver Fillings

A dental filling is something that dentists put in a tooth cavity after the decay has been thoroughly cleaned off. A good filling lasts 5 years on average. The mouth is a dynamic environment that is put under continual duress and stress; this limits the longevity of some materials.

These days, many people opt for the tooth-coloured fillings instead of the more traditional silver amalgam fillings. What’s the difference? Aside from composition, amalgams are silver in appearance; and a few people are concerned regarding some of the contents. However, the main reason amalgams are not placed as frequently is the appearance. Dentists think they look beautiful, but patients don't. 

Book in and save your teeth

Laugh out loud with confidence

With tooth coloured fillings, you can comfortably and confidently go out into the world and flash those pearly white teeth.

Check out our prices for fillings at Battery Hill Dental, your local Sunshine Coast dentist. We're unique in that we offer one cost irrelevant of a large filling or small, so you save money.

Natural looking

Tooth coloured fillings closely resemble your natural tooth colour for a seamless look

Strong & Durable

Our fillings will give you the confidence to eat, drink, and smile. 

Little tooth sensitivity

Enjoy hot or cold drinks with very minimal to no tooth sensitivity. Occasionally, sensitivity might be experienced. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a tooth filling?

If you have a hole in your tooth, are experiencing pain, or have broken a tooth, you probably need a filling. If left for longer periods of time, you may lose your tooth otherwise.

How are tooth fillings done?

First, your dentist will numb your teeth. Afterward, the tooth is cleaned of any bacterial infection (decay). Then, the tooth is sealed up, restored, and crafted into the correct shape for a great result. 

What can I expect after getting a filling?

After the procedure, you may still feel numb, but you only have to wait for several hours for it to wear off. In the meantime, don’t chew on your numb lip of cheek to avoid injuries. Your filled tooth may also be sensitive to heat or cold for the next few days to a couple of weeks, but this will also subside.

Do I need to replace the filling?

Fillings can last for years with proper care. However, they may get worn out, break, or fall out. In this case, they need to be replaced by your dentist.

Are there risks to getting a filling?

There is generally no significant risk involved in having a dental cavity filled. 

What will happen if I don’t get a cavity filled?

If you don’t get a cavity filled, you may end up with a serious infection resulting in expensive dental work like a root canal treatment and crown, or worse, extract the tooth.

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